Two men in Indonesia accidentally discover long-lost bird


Thanks to birdwatching club, we now know that a very rare bird, that has not been seen in 170 years, still exists.

In Indonesia, researchers can now confirm that the black-browed babbler still flies free in the wild. Two men discovered it while in a forest one day. The men had never seen it before so they captured it, took photos, and began their pursuit for information-- the bird was later released.

Many birdwatching groups were also left stumped until the expert of experts became involved, Panji Gusti Akbar. He stated that he was engulfed in pure excitement when his eyes saw the photo of the long-lost bird.

The last time this bird was seen was in the form of a stuffed specimen in Napoleon Bonaparte’s nephew’s collection.

Akbar plans to fly to Indonesia to study the bird once the pandemic ends.

Story via John Dawson with WORLD