Unfavorable weather conditions may affect the efficacy of herbicide application

As planting season gets underway, it is important to remember how unfavorable weather conditions, paired with some herbicides, can cause crop injury.

It may affect the herbicide’s efficacy on your corn.

An agronomy specialist says that it is critical to use a herbicide that is proven to deliver excellent pre and post-emergent crop safety, especially when crops face adverse weather conditions.

According to Brian Norton, “To increase crop safety, some herbicides will include a crop safener, but not all products include a crop safener and even if they do, particularly in the case of generics, it’s unknown what actual safener is being used or at what rate. It’s also important to utilize a herbicide with powerful, broad-spectrum weed control, providing long-lasting residual and proven crop safety for higher yield potential.”

Norton says that protecting a grower’s crop from weed competition is key to maximizing yield potential.