University of Kentucky to partner with Jim Beam

Bourbon is big business for Kentucky and one whiskey company is looking to the future of the industry. Jim Beam has partnered with the University of Kentucky to educate and cultivate the future distillers. The university has had wine distilling and brewing programs since 2014; recently, they have created a course called the James B. Beam Institute for the distilling of KY spirits.

Harlan Wheatley, a master distiller, stated, “The industry is growing so fast we can’t find the time fast enough. The perfect place is the University of Kentucky, as far as I am concerned. We are devoted to looking for talent here.” Another master distiller, Mark Coffman, had this to say, “Our future is with the youth and trying to educate them on what we have learned. Trying not to pass on our bad habits, but try to hone some good habits to learn and so much more, but also to build a great passion for the industry.”