Update on COVID-19 Impact on Processors

RFD-TV’s John Jenkinson has the latest updates on processing plants as they continue to struggle with COVID-19 cases.

Tyson has bought face masks for all its employees, including federal inspectors at the plants. Many plants have taken precautions to help prevent the spread of the virus and keep their workers safe. Some plants have started taking employee’s temperatures and installing protective barriers in their facilities.

Cargill has suspended beef slaughter at a plant in Canada; this plant produces one-third of Canada’s supply. One JBS site in Canada continues to operate despite three workers testing positive.

A Seaboard Triumph Foods facility in Iowa has a case, and that employee has not been back to the plant since being tested.

More than 100 Food Safety and Inspection Service workers have tested positive for COVID-19; one New York worker reportedly died from the virus.