Update on Meat Plant Closures and Investigations

RFD-TV’s Janet Adkison reports on the latest news surrounding the meat processing industry as they tackle dealing with COVID-19.

Department of Health Inspectors are investigating JBS and Tyson plants in Texas to see how these plants are protecting their employees. This comes as community cases of COVID-19 can be linked back to the two plants.

A Tyson plant in Waterloo, Arkansas is now closed due to COVID-19 cases. The plant will be closed until further notice, but Tyson is offering free testing at that location.

A Cargill plant in Hazleton, Pennsylvania reopens, this comes after the plant closed twelve days prior.

An Alberta plant for JBS is now cutting back shifts. This plant is 100 miles from another facility that has suspended production. Reports claim that even though this plant processes 30 percent of Canada’s meat supply, a meat shortage is not expected but there will likely be a price increase at stores.

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