Update on the 2nd congressional district race in Iowa

The 2nd congressional district race in Iowa has already been one for the history books and it is about to get even more noteworthy.

The district covers 24 counties in southeast Iowa, many of them rural.

The race was extremely close, just six votes. However, after a recount, Rita Hart is now asking Congress to overturn the results, and that drew a strong response from the winner Marianette Miller-Meeks.

She stated, “Instead of choosing to follow the law, Rita Hart is seeking partisan power play. I won the election decided by nearly 400,000 Iowans, but Senator Hart now wants a process run by one Californian, Nancy Pelosi, and decided in Washington’s hyper-partisan, dysfunctional atmosphere and not according to Iowa law.”

Hart claims that 22 ballots were wrongly excluded during the recount, and others were not examined.

In a filing with Congress yesterday, she asked the house to nullify the state-certified results, count the excluded ballots, and conduct a hand recount.