USDA approves new Bayer cotton trait to combat some of the worst pests

USDA recently announced the approval of a new Bayer cotton trait, which can help growers combat some of the most damaging pests.

Jon Riley of Bayer Crop Science says that this is a unique option for cotton growers and explains what “Thrive On” can do for your operation.

“It’s designed to help cotton growers protect against feeding damage from key tarnish plant bugs, like the tarnished plant bug, western tarnished plant bugs, as well as thrip species like the western flower thrips and tobacco thrips,” Riley states. “It can also help reduce insecticidal applications for those pests and just overall provide growers with more management flexibility in their operations.”

“Thrive On” will be available in limited quantities this year and Bayer expects a full commercial launch in the coming years as regulatory approvals roll in.