USDA has paid out $2 billion dollars in CFAP 2 payments

USDA says that it has paid out $2 billion dollars so far for its second round of payments under the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, that is about 40 percent of the $13 billion dollars available. So far, 35 percent of the payments have gone to corn growers, followed by livestock, dairy and specialty crops.

Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois and Wisconsin have all received more than $150 million dollars in payments, and Iowa leads the nation with more than $200 million dollars.

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More commodities were eligible for coverage under the second round and Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue says that the USDA is getting good feedback on the changes.

“Frankly, we have gotten great accolades. I know we’re in an election cycle and many people will try to disparage that. Our customers, the producers, have given us good grades on that and I think they are very pleased with what we have produced out there in that way, both from CFAP 1 and CFAP 2,” he said.

Sign-ups are still open for CFAP 2 and end December 11th. For more information on CFAP 2 or to sign up, click HERE.