WATCH: Homeowner lures deer into home to feed them

White Tail Deer

Colorado Parks and Wildlife are asking that people stop feeding wild animals, not only because it is against the law, but also dangerous for the animal. The video below shows a homeowner in Evergreen, Colorado luring a buck and other deer into their home with food, CBS 4 Denver reports.

The food given to the animals include cereal, bread, carrots, bananas, and apples

“It is selfish and unethical to feed big-game,” said Area Wildlife Manager Mark Lamb in a press release. “You are going to end up unintentionally killing those animals and also putting yourself in harm’s way. If what you want is a pet or just to connect with an animal, choose a domestic breed that has evolved to live with people.”

Violations for feeding big-game wildlife can result in a $100 fine per occasion of feeding, plus mandatory surcharges.

“If you are training deer to come and stay in your backyard, you are asking mountain lions to be in your neighborhood as well,” said CPW Area Wildlife Manager Mark Lamb.