“We need Solutions": Sen. Ernst calling for Secretary Vilsack to address supply chain crisis

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is one of several calling on Secretary Vilsack to appear before the Senate Ag Committee. She wants him to address solutions to the supply chain crisis.

She claims that over-regulation and labor shortages are a driving factor and says that a lot of current policies encourage people to stay home rather than return to work.

“If you don’t have folks working, making goods, delivering goods, we know that the supply chain crisis is going to continue. So, it is time that Secretary Vilsack come before the Ag Committee. He’s only been in front of us one time this year, and he did it virtually, and so, it’s time he actually comes to the Senate and faces the committee. We need solutions. We need them to understand that we are very concerned about this crisis right now,” Ernst states.

She says that she is not sure why the issue keeps dragging on with no solutions in sight. She signed a letter to Committee Chair Debbie Stabenow asking for that hearing.


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