We will have a one or two-year Farm Bill extension and not a five-year program, according to Sen. Grassley

On a call to ag reporters this morning, Senator Chuck Grassley voiced his reservations about the current state of the 2023 Farm Bill.
With the bill’s uncertain future, he expressed doubt that a five-year Farm Bill would be passed, instead foresees a one or two-year extension.

“I have my doubts that we’re going to get a five-year Farm Bill, and we’re going to have a one-year or two-year extension, and the farmers will have their usual safety nets. About the only thing negative about that, for those of us that were trying to get preference pricing higher because of the cost of seed, fertilizer, and chemicals going up and corn at $4.50 where you don’t make any money. Then I think that’s the downfall of having a one-year extension as opposed to a five-year program,” he explains.

The current stopgap bill is only good for 45 days, but ag lawmakers say they hope to get a Farm Bill passed before the year is up.

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