What classifies as a farm?

USDA is talking about the definition of a farm.

The Department defines it as any place from which $1,000 dollars or more of ag products is produced. This means that many producers who may not think of themselves as farmers actually qualify under USDA’s definition.

According to USDA NASS’s Adam Cline, “In fact, 75 percent of the two-million farms in the United States reported agricultural sales of $50,000 dollars or less from the 2017 census... many people who do not consider themselves to be farmers or ranchers actually meet the official census definition of a farm-- any place from which $1,000 dollars or more of agricultural products were produce or normally would have been produced per year.”

With all of USDA’s surveys coming out right now, the department wants to make sure you respond regardless of your farm’s size or profit. Even if you do not consider yourself a farmer or rancher.


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