What were the contributing factors to Kentucky’s record-setting, catastrophic flood?

Victims of historic flooding in Kentucky are bracing for another weather threat.

Many producers already facing impacts from extreme heat on their crops, now they have to worry about it at home. A heat advisory has been issued for the eastern part of the state until tonight. Residents without power or the ability to leave their damaged homes will be especially vulnerable.

On the heels of this historic flooding, USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey explains why it happened.

“You throw in the fact that it was not as dry before the rain hit, and also, the important factor that it’s a very rugged area with a lot more terrain than what we see in the middle Mississippi Valley. So, those six to twelve inches of rain in a different part of the country turned tragic, and that led to record-setting and catastrophic flooding on that river and many of its tributaries,” Rippey explains.

We will continue to keep you updated on flooding and recovery efforts in the area.


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