“Where Food Comes From” is helping verify food claims for consumers

More consumers want to know where their food comes from and one company is doing just that.

The company “Where Food Comes From” is a third party verification outlet making sure that product claims are actually true. Those claims are like “cage free,” “organic”, or others.

Verification of claims has increased in both amount and significance due to stricter regulations from USDA and other government agencies. In the past, there was little to no oversight, but Where Food Comes From VP Doug Stanton says that has changed.

According to Stanton, “If it’s a non-GMO cake mix or whatever they’re trying to make the claim for and want that label on product then we have to go back into the manufacturing supply chain and make sure the ingredients meet those requirements, and so that final product can be labeled with non-GMO project and carry that butterfly, that they’re wanting or awareness for the consumer who is familiar with that.”

He says that they have auditors throughout the country running the verification of claims with varying levels of experience to cover a wide range of food products.