Wilbur Wins KY Town Mayoral Seat


RABBIT HASH, Ky. (WKRC) — Rabbit Hash, KY has a new mayor-elect.

Wilbur the French bulldog easily defeated his competition by raising more than $6,000.

Each vote cost $1 and all the money raised will go to the Rabbit Hash Historical Society.

Rabbit Hash saw a crowded field of candidates in 2020. Wilbur was up against 13 dogs, a donkey, a rooster, a dead cat and one human.

Rabbit Hash held its first mayoral election 22 years ago and a dog has held the title all 22 years.

Wilbur will take the seat from the incumbent mayor and rescued pit-bull, Brynn.

The election is more of a fundraising effort to help the Rabbit Hash Historical Society with repairs, electric bills and insurance costs. Residents and nonresidents alike embraced the local contest as a welcome distraction in a contentious election season.