Will consumers embrace gene-edited foods?

Gene-editing technology is positioned to revolutionize agriculture, potentially offering foods with enhanced nutrition, flavor, and value.

The CEO of Elo Life Systems highlights the benefits of gene-edited goods.

“If you give consumers a product that they want, they crave, they see value in it. It’s got better nutrition, it’s got better flavor, it changes their minds on how the technology was used to create it. And Gene editing is a tool that’s going to enable a lot of those consumer-focused benefits,” said Todd Rands.

Rands said this changes the game. Pairwise CEO Tom Adams says we have seen a positive example of GMO’s benefiting consumers in pink pineapple.

“Pineapple, there are some health benefits to the pinkness of the pineapple, but that they can’t grow enough of those pineapples. And even at a like $10 a pineapple price, there’s a purple tomato that’s not really exactly on the market yet, but it’s had a really great following of people who want to buy it.”

Gene-editing can also help address agricultural challenges, such as disease resistance in bananas.