Winter snow storm immobilizes parts of the country and brings power outages, tornadoes

The massive winter storm that immobilized the southern plains is now headed to the Great Lakes and New England.

This morning, millions of people in Texas were without power, more than 8 inches of snow hit parts of the state. The snow is impacting agriculture from the Gulf Coast up through Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. Georgia and the Carolinas saw temperatures above freezing which also spawned tornadoes.

The snow prompted the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo to reschedule their events today. Currently the plan is to resume activities tomorrow with double headers this weekend.

The storm brought record-setting temperatures and wind chill warnings to a large portion of the nation’s midsection. It is especially brutal on cattle.

Michigan State University’s Kellogg Farm posted a picture of their herd while the staff was out plowing and making sure the herd was comfortable and warm.

One little calf was able to take a dip in the hot tub to warm up.

Harsh winter can kill a newborn calf or give it frostbite, and we are in the middle of spring calving season. To get the little one’s body temp up and going he got the spa treatment. They also made sure he was good and dry before returning to his mom.