Woman’s office trashed by possum

An Australian woman had a surprise visitor Monday morning when she walked into her office. A common Australian brushtail possum had snuck in through a hole in the room

Bree Blakeman, a research fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra, found a tired-looking marsupial hiding behind her computer.

“It seemed resigned and of course a bit shy and scared. Going by the number of books that had fallen from the shelves I think it must have tried to climb up the shelves to get up through the ceiling again a number of times. So I think it was a bit exhausted too,” Blakeman said.

Before calling the relocation people, Blakeman posted some quick pictures on Twitter where the Possum became a mascot for everyone’s Monday.

After two days of trying to catch the possum, he eventually left the office on his own accord.