Women In Ag: A Trade Mission to China


September 19, 2016

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFD-TV) A ‘Women in Ag’ trade mission to China hopes to open new markets for U.S. specialty crops.

More than half of the participants in the trade mission to Hong Kong and Shanghai represented U.S. agribusinesses owned by women. The group looked to forge relationships with potential customers, as well as gather market intelligence to help develop strategies for these markets.

USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agriculture Services Alexis Taylor explains more.

“China, obviously, is a key market for the U.S., certainly for a bulk of our commodities. But one of the really interesting things that we have been able to learn this week, while in Shanghai, is that there is an increase in demand for U.S. high consumer goods such as vegetables, wine, and direct consumer products. It has been an eye-opening experience in that aspect. Also, if you want to do business in China, you need a digital strategy. One great way to do that is through e-commerce. So many people live here, and the way they buy their food is online. That is really unique, and eye opening for our businesses.”

Seven State Departments of Agriculture were also represented during the mission, as well as several Ag. groups across the U.S.