Woolen Socks: From Farm To Foot


December 21,2017

Winter officially begins today. For many, keeping warm during the colder time of the year is a must, especially for those working outdoors, such as farmers and ranchers. Experts say that the key to keeping warm starts with proper clothing for your feet and head. In preparation for the colder temperatures, RFD-TV takes you to Mt. Airey, North Carolina to look at the production of 100% American wool socks at Nester Hosiery.

Just as it is important for many to know the source of their food, the Nester family values the importance of sharing the origins of their products as well. Sourcing all of their raw materials from American farmers, ranchers, and producers has allowed them to provide a quality product with transparency about sources.

Bonus Fact: Did you know that wool is perhaps the best natural insulator on the planet, and that it retains its insulating power even when soaking wet? Explore some of the amazing properties of wool here.