Wrangler NFR 2019: Rookie Haven Meged wins first career tie-down gold buckle


For the first time since 1985, a rookie has won the tie-down roping gold buckle. Haven Meged edged out Shane Hanchey by just $1,181 for the world championship.

“It was an unbelievable year honestly. To become a rookie and get to be here with the top 14 ropers in the world. It is a dog fight until the end, and I am lucky enough to be the world champ.

The race for the gold buckle was so close, Meged wasn’t sure he had won it following the final run.

“I honestly didn’t know for a while until they walked up and handed me the buckle. That feeling right there... I don’t even know how to describe it. I about cried.”

Meged’s winnings after the NFR sit at $246,013. He also won the average with an 85.7-second time on 10 head.

His strategy coming into the event was simple.

“Honestly, just keeping it simple. Coming in here, everybody talks about how cool it is talking to guys who have roped here. To be in the Top 15 in tie-down roping and now the world champion at such a young age is unbelievable.”

World Tie-Down Roping Standings

1. Haven Meged - $246,013

2. Shane Hanchey - $244,831

3. Tyson Durfey - $237,532

4. Riley Pruitt - $226,445

5. Marty Yates - $212,845

2019 Wrangler NFR Tie-Down Roping Average Standings

1. Haven Meged - 85.70/10

2. Tyson Durfey - 85.90/10

3. Tuf Cooper - 90.70/10

4. Taylor Santos - 97.30/10

5. Riley Pruitt - 103.00/10