Wrangler NFR 2019: Sage Kimzey wins sixth straight bull riding gold buckle


For the sixth year in a row, Sage Kimzey is on top of the PRCA bull riding world.

Kimzey finished the season north of $480,000 in earnings, breaking his own record set in 2017 by about $55,000.

“It’s pretty crazy to think that every professional year I’ve had, it has ended up with a gold buckle. That’s storybook stuff that, you know, you couldn’t hardly write it that way.”

Kimzey finished more than $135,000 clear of Boudreaux Campbell for No. 1 in the world and he is now the second man ever to win six straight bull riding world titles. The other was Jim Shoulders from 1954-1959. He credits his success to being a perfectionist from the day he started to learn how to ride bulls.

“Nothing was ever good enough,” he said. “I was trying for perfection every day still, I think that’s the one thing that has been really good for all of my success.”

And while all world titles are memorable, the Oklahoma cowboy added that this one meant a little extra.

“Each one is special,” Kimzey said. “I don’t get emotional often but this one is special. The road it took to get here, this year I didn’t know if I could ride (due to an injury suffered at the 2018 Wrangler NFR), and then I found a brace that worked for my elbow, and kudos to Justin Sportsmedicine because there were a lot of them. This year was a grind. Some years are smooth sailing, and this was a tough year. I learned a lot about myself in those tough times and set the stage for the year I had. I’m thankful for the tough times because I wouldn’t be the man I am without them.”

Final Bull Riding World Standings

1. Sage Kimzey $480,796

2. Boudreaux Campbell - $344,572

3. Stetson Wright - $267,344

4. Tyler Bingham - $246,398

5. Joran Hansen - $214,792

2019 Wrangler NFR Average Standings

1. Sage Kimzey - 709.0/8

2. Boudreaux Campbell - 624.0/7

3. Jordan Spears - 517.0/6

4. Tyler Bingham - 516.0/6

5. Stetson Wright 448.5/5