Wrangler NFR: Tie-down roper Ty Harris wins back-to-back go-rounds


Ty Harris entered Round 5 of NFR with zero qualifying runs in tie-down roping. He leaves Round 6 with back-to-back go-round wins and $52,000 thanks to a 7.1-second run Tuesday.

“I had a great calf and got a really good start on the horse I’m riding,” Harris said. “That calf was unbelievable, probably the best one in the pen tonight. I was excited to have him, and it came together pretty good.”

The 2018 PRCA Rookie of the Year and first-time NFR qualifier said it was encouraging words from his father that helped him stay the course and win Round 5 on Monday.

Tuesday, he credited his peers.

“Tyson (Durfey) has been really good for me mentally. When I was at Lawton, Okla., this year he was just saying, ‘Go out there and do your job, finish the year out, this is the fourth quarter and do what you do,’” he said. “It’s good to have a world champion telling you that because my dad has been huge in my mental game, but having a world champion, someone who’s done it and somebody else telling you positive stuff, it’s great for me.”

With back-to-back wins, Harris has won more than $75,000 through six rounds and has quickly climbed the world standings to No. 2. He sits a little more than $25,000 behind Shane Hanchey, who has won over $107,000 this week.

Tie-Down Roping World Standings (NFR money in parentheses)

1. Shane Hanchey - $209,927 ($107,730)

2. Ty Harris - $173,437 ($75,788)

3. Riley Pruitt - $171,727 ($72,192)

4. Marty Yates - $170,969 ($69,653)

5. Haven Meged - $167,744 ($47,865)