1. The benefits of five servings of fruits and veggies a day
  2. Reining in carbon pollution
  3. More investment money for rural projects is on the horizon
  4. Western Sports Roundup: Remembering the rodeo hero, Lane Frost
  5. New programs to market sheep
  6. Sandbars are preventing barges from doing their jobs
  7. Equine Herpes virus has horse owners on alert
  8. A robot milker changes everything
  9. Western Sports Roundup: One million dollars is in the sights of one cowboy
  10. As cowherds decline, prices for beef climb
  11. Time-honored seed saving tradition for backyard gardeners
  12. Are cattle herds shrinking, and is there hope on the horizon?
  13. Western Sports Roundup: A huge congratulations to the champions in Cheyenne
  14. Military Monday: The U.S.O is going on 75 years of supporting our troops
  15. Walk Back in History at the Adams County Thresherman Show

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