New Michigan laws let students take more career-oriented classes

    It just got easier for Michigan high school students who want to take agriculture or vocational classes. More>>

    New Hampshire Old Country Store is oldest in the nation

    Steve Holden gives us a history lesson on the oldest country store in the nation, located in Moltonborough, New Hampshire. More>>

    Markets react to latest USDA reports

    Watch The Market Day Report Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET. Watch The Market Day Report Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET.

    RFD-TV's Marlin Bohling gives an update on the commodities markets. More>>

    USDA releases latest crop report

    The latest crop report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture was released Friday, which includes monthly supply and demand estimates and crop production estimates. More>>

    American Soybean Association meets in Washington, D.C.

    The American Soybean Association is holding its annual summer board meeting this week in Washington, D.C. Find out what was on the agenda in this report from our Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief Janet Adkison. More>>

    Kansas ag show features drones helping farmers get bird's eye view

    The modern farmer is using the kind of technology you're used to hearing about in the military - Drones. More>>

    EPA delays final RFS rule decision

     It could be a bit longer before the Environmental Protection Agency issues its final rule for the 2014 Renewable Fuels Standard.Watch the report in the video from our partners at the U.S. Department of Agriculture to find out what is behind the delay. More>>

    4-H campers leave technology behind and learn conservation

     Telling the difference between a harmful and harmless snake is one of the lessons kids learn at 4-H OWLS camp, which stands for Outdoor Wildlife Leadership Service. More>>

    Expert: Poor Kansas wheat harvest will impact national economy

    Credit: Kansas State University Credit: Kansas State University

    Drought and the poor harvest for Kansas wheat will have an effect on the national economy. More>>

    EPA officials speak out on Clean Water Act proposal

    The Environmental Protection Agency is addressing the controversy and confusion surrounding the proposed rule change to the Clean Water Act. More>>

    Western Sports Roundup: 10 more team roping qualifiers from American Eastern Regional Finals

    The results are in from this morning's team roping qualifier for The American rodeo. The sixth performance changes up the standings in Calgary. Plus, more from Roy Cooper's Jr. Calf Roping. More>>

    Dry, hot weather pattern returns for parts of U.S.

    Some areas east of the Mississippi River are seeing dry conditions, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture Meteorologist Brad Rippey. He says drought persists in the south-central U.S., as well.

    EPA reaches out to farmers about Clean Water Act proposal

    Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy says there is too much confusion about the proposal to change the Clean Water Act. More>>

    Farm-to-table movement gains traction in restaurant industry

    The farm-to-table movement is bringing changes to the way we dine out.In the video above, our partners with the Virginia Farm Bureau visit a cafe embracing their local roots. More>>

    Illinois man offers special insight into Agrability program

    An Illinois man has turned a tragic farm accident into a new life of giving help and hope to others. More>>

    Western Sports Roundup: World champions compete at Calgary Stampede

    These are the latest headlines from Western Sports Roundup on July 9, 2014.

    Iowa ag show features drones for farming

    New technology, resembling modern day spy techniques, may help farmers in the field. Unmanned aerial vehicles that could be used in farming were featured at the Aerial Ag Show in Decatur, Illinois. More>>

    Biotechnology helps soybean producers with crop quality

    More and more farmers are using biotechnology to improve the quality of their crops. More>>

    Ethanol industry, Chinese market driving demand for sorghum

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports planted sorghum acreage is up 12 percent since March.Tim Lust, with the National Sorghum Producers, talks about the increase and the factors driving the demand for U.S. sorghum. More>>

    Oregon State researchers develop high quality wheat for bakers

    Credit: Oregon State University Credit: Oregon State University

    Oregon State University is working to develop high-yielding, disease-resistant wheat varieties to meet the area baking industry's needs. More>>

    Students needed as aging pilots leave agriculture industry

    Credit: Georgia Farm Monitor Credit: Georgia Farm Monitor

    Being an agricultural pilot is a career field with high demand and high earning potential as many in the industry are nearing retirement. More>>

    USDA conservation program helps ranchers preserve farm and wetlands

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture is helping farmers and ranchers protect farmlands and wetlands through a new conservation program.? More>>

    Corn, soybeans make progress ahead of last year's crops

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture says summer crops across the Midwest are faring very well, despite recent storms that brought high winds and heavy flooding.Corn isn't the only summer crop that's faring well. USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey says soybeans across the country are in good shape. More>>

    Farm Family: The dairy farm of Charlie and Nancy Sanders

    The Farm Family of the Day featured in the Rural Evening News on July 8. More>>

    Oklahoma farmer's lost phone returned from Japan

    When an Oklahoma farmer dropped his iPhone in a grain bin last year, he thought he'd never see it again.But nine months later, the phone was returned after traveling halfway around the world and back. More>>

    Volunteer weather observers help fill rural gaps for NWS

    Farmers and ranchers live by the weather, paying close attention to the timing and amount of rain that falls.As significant drought conditions have intensified across the U.S. over the last couple of years, rural producers are becoming more interested in doing their own weather monitoring. More>>

    Western Sports Roundup: Brittany Pozzi Pool A top money winner at Calgary Stampede

    Pool A wraps up in Calgary and Pool B got started Tuesday.Plus, the Fourth of July run shakes up the PRCA standings.The spotlight is on the girls of Roy Cooper’s Jr. Calf Roping.? More>>

    Republican lawmakers sound off on EPA

    Farmers across the country are worried about local and federal environmental regulations. RFD-TV's Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief Janet Adkison reports that many lawmakers are tuned in to the problem. More>>

    New programs support new farmers, ranchers

    Anyone interested in a career raising livestock or working the land could benefit from new government efforts to help people transition to farm life. More>>

    Nashville farm hosts Horses Healing Heroes program

    The Fourth of July weekend was a very special one for military families at Hillenglade Farm. More>>

    Global beef market prices predicted to strengthen

    According to the latest Rabobank Beef Quarterly Report, the global beef market will regain its positive momentum in the third quarter.

    Lawmakers consider ways to improve rural health care

    Both large and small communities are challenged to provide affordable, accessible health care. Leaders in rural America, face another hurdle of attracting and keeping quality physicians. More>>

    Western Sports Roundup: Calgary Stampede is underway

    The Calgary Stampede is in full swing.The PBR went to California for a Touring Pro event.Plus, we have winners of Roy Cooper's Jr. Calf Roping. More>>

    Western Sports Roundup introduces the celebration of Cowboy Christmas

    Rodeo athletes are officially celebrating the Cowboy Christmas.

    Mother makes goat milk products into a family affair

    The family behind describes why their product is important. Watch the video to hear the co-founder speak about her company.? More>>

    Vandals spray-paint pigs, steal tortoise from Maryland petting zoo

    A petting farm owner is left scratching his head over why someone would spray-paint a pig and eight of her 11 piglets.

    Lower cherry production could mean higher prices

    If you enjoy cherry pies or cherry cobbler, you may be paying more for your favorite fruit at the grocery store. The high prices are due to lower production in two major growing states.The report in the video is from our partners at the USDA. More>>

    Cattlemen need good prices to last, industry leader says

    Northeast Georgia cattle producer Melvin Porter is president of the Georgia Cattlemen's Association. While cattle are going for high prices, Porter says cattlemen invest a lot into their steers and they’ll need a couple of years of good prices. More>>

    Favorable weather ahead for corn, soybeans

    The month of July is critical for some crops as they hit a key phase of the growing season. More>>

    Summer rainfall can be hit or miss

    While the East Coast saw a lot of rain from Arthur, it’s a different story in other parts of the country. More>>

    Arthur moves on from the East Coast

    The power is back on for homes and businesses along the East Coast after Hurricane Arthur passed through.Watch the video for a recap of Arthur's track from RFD-TV Meteorologist Natalie Noah. More>>

    June sets records for rainfall across the country

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture says last month was the wettest June on record. It was also the wettest month ever in some areas of the country. More>>

    Husband-wife duo finds second career in agriculture

    What do you do after a long corporate career ends suddenly after being downsized? Byron and Lynn Hill took their passion and made it their work. More>>

    Banker: Credit is plentiful in rural America

    In a recent hearing with the House Agriculture Committee, the Independent Community Bankers of America, or ICBA, reported that credit is plentiful for farmers and ranchers at historically low rates. More>>

    Western Sports Roundup: 8-year-old makes father Casey Deary proud at Derby

    These are the latest headlines from Western Sports Roundup on Wednesday, July 2, 2014.

    20 Fourth of July facts about agriculture

    Celebrating the Fourth of July is also a celebration of the nation's agriculture industry. Check out these 20 facts about the holiday and where the food for your Independence Day barbecue came from. More>>

    Storms damage rural Wisconsin homes

    Iowa County, Wisconsin, was hit hard by Sunday night's storms.

    Oklahoma has a new trail for wine

    When you think of Oklahoma, wheat fields or beef cattle may come to mind. But the state’s grape and winery industry is growing. More>>

    El Nino weather cycle will bring higher crop yields, researchers say

    Credit: University of Missouri Credit: University of Missouri

    A top researcher at the University of Missouri, a land grant partner, explains how El Nino can bring higher yields next year. Watch the video. More>>

    Stem cell researchers examine effects of pesticides

    Credit: Georgia Farm Monitor Credit: Georgia Farm Monitor

    A special grant from the Environmental Protection Agency will help fund a project with significance for the agricultural industry and consumers. More>>

    Expert: Managing soybean disease takes research

    Soybean producers have been dealing with crop diseases for quite some time. More>>

    June Planted Acreage Report: More soybeans, less corn

    This year will see record soybean planting. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s revised Crop Acreage Report shows more soybeans have been planted this year than last, while corn acres planted are down. More>>

    Corn crop improves despite some problem areas

    Thanks to an abundance of water east of the Rockies, U.S. summer crop quality is looking good, especially for corn. More>>

    Western Sports Roundup: Jason Vanlandingham talks winning NRHA title

    These are the latest headlines from Western Sports Roundup on Tuesday, July 1.

    10 barrel racers qualify for THE AMERICAN

    Pasco, Washington, was the first of the barrel racing qualifiers for RFD-TV’s THE AMERICAN presented by Polaris Ranger. More>>

    Possible tornado damages Iowa farmer's property

    In a rural area about 40 miles west of Des Moines, a farmer got to his basement just in time, before a suspected tornado heavily damaged his farm.

    Revamped USDA tool helps with nutrient loss

    Heavy rains across parts of the country have some producers concerned about nutrient loss. Now, a tool developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture can help reduce phosphorus losses in runoff. More>>

    No official number for piglet deaths from PEDV

    File photo File photo

    Last Friday's hogs and pigs report was missing some key information, namely how many piglets have died so far from the PED virus. More>>

    Soldier deploys back to home country

    Leaving your homeland to protect the United States is admirable, especially when we are in conflicts in neighboring nations. One competitor at the Army Reserve's Best Warrior Competition tells his story. More>>

    Western Sports Roundup: 10 move on to Semifinals after barrel racing qualifier

    These are the latest headlines from Western Sports Roundup on Monday, June 30.

    Ohio city's community garden is neighborhood collaboration

    Credit: Ohio State University Extension Credit: Ohio State University Extension

    Urban areas often over take farmland, but one project has agriculture making a comeback in the big city. More>>

    Vilsack: Issues remain in T-TIP negotiations

    Watch the video to find out what Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack thinks are serious issues that require solutions in trade negotiations. More>>

    Wheat growers leader: National wheat crop has 'hole'

    While wheat fields in some areas may be a bit soggy, most of the nation’s other wheat growers have fields that are too dry. More>>

    Oklahoma needs regular moisture to bring drought relief

    Credit: Oklahoma Horizon Credit: Oklahoma Horizon

    Climatologists say drought still lingers in parts of Oklahoma, despite recent rain, because it will take more than a few summer showers to remedy. More>>

    Drought improves in Midwest, worsens in Kentucky, Tennessee

    Days of heavy rain may be causing flooding in the upper Midwest, but the central U.S. and parts of the southern Plains are getting some needed relief from the ongoing drought. More>>

    Camp Clements is FFA's oldest summer camp

    Camp Clements, the oldest FFA camp in the country, still hosts more than 200 campers a week.

    Cattle auctions reach record high prices

    The entire cattle industry has been setting new record high prices on a regular basis over the last several weeks. More>>

    Arkansas town draws crowds for Purple Hull Pea Festival

    Over the weekend, a small Arkansas town is expected to swell by several hundred people for the town’s annual Purple Hull Pea Festival. More>>

    Expert: PEDV should have less impact over next 12 months

    Dr. Rodney Baker, with the Pork Industry Center at Iowa State University, explains what a newly approved PEDV vaccine means for the industry. More>>

    MRI technology now used to diagnose horses

    Horse owners can now tap into new MRI technology previously only available for humans. More>>

    Western Sports Roundup: Casey Deary talks horses at NRHA Derby

    These are the latest headlines from Western Sports Roundup on Thursday, June 26.

    Western Sports Roundup: Chris Cox wins at Reno Rodeo Invitational

    These are the latest headlines from Western Sports Roundup on Friday, June 27,

    Texas town considers powder to reduce lake's evaporation

    As lakes in Wichita Falls continue to dry up, the city continues to look for any and all ways to slow down the process.

    NRCS helps farmers, ranchers focus on soil health

    Improving the nation’s soil health was the focus of 2014 National Conference on Cover Crops and Soil Health earlier this year.

    'Just don't think of agriculture as farming,' FFA CEO says

    FFA’s CEO explains how it prepares students for life. More>>

    Western Sports Roundup: CNFR highlights

    These are the latest headlines from Western Sports Roundup on Friday, June 20.

    USDA issues conditional license for PEDV vaccine

    Progress toward a vaccine for a disease that has killed millions of baby piglets is now underway. More>>

    Vilsack presses for agriculture in TTIP negotiations

    The European Union needs U.S. agricultural goods and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is visiting EU nations this week to emphasize that point. More>>

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