A century-old dairy farm in Maine loses dairy barn due to fire


On Tuesday night in Gorham, Maine, a fire broke out in the dairy barn of a four-generation farm.

Thankfully most of the cows were out grazing in the pasture. Neighbors and the family worked to corral the herd as they were attracted to the light. Fifty to sixty head were saved; however, approximately four cows did not make it.

Flaggy Meadow Farm is over 100 years old. Houses, milk room, and one barn still stand.

“There was this little, itty-bitty fire right in the generator room, by the time I pulled into my house the whole barn was engulfed...” one neighbor told WMTW. “Luckily, all the cows were out grazing, but they want to come back in because they were attracted to the light.”

According to the local Fire Chief, almost 60 firefighters from six towns battled the flames. No person was injured. The herd has been transported to surrounding farms.

Story via Jim Keithley with WMTW