According to this American farm family, farming is more than just a lifestyle

A passion for farming was passed down to Brock Willard, and from that, he is expanding his family’s operation.

The Illinois Soybean Association introduces us to this week’s American Farm Family, who is a fifth-generation farmer that produces soybeans, corn, and pork.


This week’s American Farm Family has a multi-generational dairy who finds success in innovation

This week’s American Farm Family eats, lives, and breathes dairy

This American Farm Family knows a thing or two about hard work & dairy comfort


Throughout the growing season, Mosaic advises farmers to monitor crop nutrition actively. Regular soil testing and plant tissue analysis can help identify any deficiencies or imbalances.
House lawmakers find themselves at odds over the latest wildlife conservation proposal, the America’s Wildlife Habitat Conservation Act.
The Professional Dairy Producers just launched “Your Farm - Your Footprint,” a new, farmer-led approach to environmental stewardship in the dairy industry.
As stakeholders across the country discuss our current state of affairs, we hear from National Farmers Union President Rob Larew on their Farm Bill priorities and more.
The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture recently released its updated import and export projections, shedding light on the intricate dynamics influencing the agricultural market.
Recent data reveals a notable downturn in U.S. ethanol output, marking its lowest level since the beginning of February.