Advocating for hemp in the Farm Bill

Hemp production is a hot topic as to what should be included in the Farm Bill.

In the last legislation, Congress authorized the commercial production of hemp and directed the USDA to establish the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program. The House Ag Committee held the first-ever hearing today on that program.

An Assistant Professor with Central State University shared why hemp products need to be diversified.

“With the continued rise of chronic diet-related conditions, like cardiovascular disease and type two diabetes, in the United States, strategies to produce and increase the intake of heart healthy foods such as hemp grain and fish are critical to slow the rise of chronic disease in our country. Concurrently, in order to become a stable component of the agricultural economy, the NASS’s U.S. hemp market, it needs diversification and a robust establishment of the grains sector.”

Hemp production brought in over $800 million in 2021.


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