Ag Bowl: Which state has the better ag industry, Kansas or Pennsylvania?

We all know the big game is coming up this Sunday, pitting the Philadelphia Eagles against the Kansas City Chiefs.

But more than football, the Superbowl will feature two states with a rich history in agriculture. So, we decided to have our own “Ag Bowl” and see who thinks their state will score the highest: Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas versus Ag Committee Chair GT Thompson of Pennsylvania.

“Actually, Senator Marshall already knows because we’re close friends, and he served on the Agriculture Committee with me before he went to the other side of the Capitol into the Senate. It’s our number one industry, right? One out of every seven jobs is directly or indirectly related to agriculture. We’re one of the top dairy states, number one in mushrooms, significant agricultures provided. I would argue that agriculture is the number one industry in every state. Probably in Hawaii, tourism may crowd it out a bit, but there is great agriculture even in the island state of Hawaii,” said Glenn GT Thompson.

When asked if Chair Thompson wanted to give a wager to Senator Marshall, he said would put a “shoe fly pie on the line” with blackjack molasses. He also said that he is very proud of the Eagles and that this year, he will be watching the game, not just for the commercials.

Senator Marshall, decked out in his Kansas City gear, is predicting a win.

“No doubt that I’m here celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs. A big Superbowl this weekend against the Philadelphia Eagles. I’m of course rooting for the Chiefs, I’m predicting a 33-31 victory for the Chiefs. I want to make sure that GT Thompson knows that I’m supporting my Chiefs. GT, from the great state of Pennsylvania, the Ag Chairman on the House side is going to do a great job. He and I are working so hard to get whole milk back into the school lunches as well. I understand GT is betting me a pie, I want to bet him some home steaks grown on our farm and ranch, and I can’t wait to try that pie from Pennsylvania,” said Senator Marshall.

Marshall also took to social media to show his support for the Chiefs, still decked out in the gear.