Ag groups are speaking out against California’s Prop-12 saying animals are not in harm

As we inch closer to the Supreme Court hearing arguments over California’s Prop-12, industry leaders are speaking out.

The Animal Agriculture Alliance is a non-profit that focuses on all aspects of ag from farm to table. The group’s leader says it is extremely significant that the Supreme Court is willing to listen to the case.

“And a lot of folks in animal agriculture, especially in the pork community, are kind of waiting with bated breath to see what the result is, because it is going to set an extremely significant precedent when it comes to the state-level pieces of legislation that impacts not only producers in that state that passed the legislation, but in the case of things like prop 12, affecting producers across the country. There’s a reason that activist groups try to get these pieces of legislation passed in states with very little of the production in question, a very intentional strategy and it calls a lot of questions when it comes to interstate commerce. and is that fair to producers to be regulated by citizens who live in a completely different state.”

While Prop-12 is mainly about pork, the Alliance says the impact will be felt by everyone in animal agriculture.


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