Ag leaders say it is time for producers to get passionate about farm policy

Producers are pinching pennies as skyrocketing high input costs continue to hit hard this year.

That is why they are speaking out about the importance of ag policy as the 2023 Farm Bill inches closer. With the current Farm Bill expiring next September, it has left many wondering if there could be new money available to spend on agriculture.

Former Texas Congressman and House Ag Chair, Mike Conaway says, “They’re all written against different backdrops, and the current backdrop is stunningly high input costs. Farmers have never controlled the price or what they sell the product at. One of the conversations that will need to be had over the next step between now and next year, that the current farm bill expires in September of next year, is can there be new money in the farm bill? And that’s always a challenge.”

If you would like to offer feedback on what is important to you in the 2023 Farm Bill, click HERE.


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