Ag leaders want more information on foreign ag land ownership

Foreign farmland ownership will soon be addressed in a new study, requested by ag leaders.

Top ag Republicans sent a letter to the General Accountability Office requesting a study on foreign farmland ownership in the United States.

House Ag Ranking Member, Glenn GT Thompson says foreign ownership and investment in U.S. agriculture has nearly doubled in the past decade. He says, “This growing trend has elevated concerns regarding national security in a time of uncertainty that is already compounded by challenges to our supply chain infrastructure, high input costs for farmers, and geopolitical pressures. It is critical for Congress to have a thorough understanding of foreign investment in our nation’s agricultural land,” said Thompson.

USDA data shows China currently owns more than 190,000 acres of U.S. ag lands. More recently, the country purchased 300 acres in North Dakota for $2.5 million to start a milling plant.

State lawmakers are concerned because the land is also near an air force base. Right now, 14 states restrict or prohibit foreign ownership of farmland, but none outright ban.