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Annaliese Wegner – FarmHER Season 6, Episode 2

Premieres Tue, 3/26/24 – 9 PM ET | 8 PM CT | 7 PM MT | 6 PM PT

Meet Annaliese Wegner, a Wisconsin dairy FarmHER, mom to twins, and a passionate agriculture advocate. She squashes misconceptions about the dairy industry on social media and uses her growing platform to inspire others to share their ag stories.

Where This FarmHER Leads, There Are Followers

Dairy FarmHER and Influencer Annaliese Wegner of Wegnerlann Dairy, is foremost known for her infectious energy and “I’m going to do it anyway” attitude. When the incredibly difficult task of raising her children required Annaliese to take a step back from her work at the family dairy, the wheels started turning. Eventually, it turned into a vibrant side business called the Modern Day Farm Chick.

“She gets an idea in her head, and she does it, like right now—you either are in on it or you’re left in the dust,” says Tom Wegner, Annaliese’s husband, a dairy farmer and unwitting participant in her online content. While Tom would rather be left out of it, he also understands his supporting role in the world Annaliese has created online is a way he can support her impact on the greater good.

As her sphere of influence continues to grow, Annaliese hopes she can inspire other FarmHERs to share their ag stories, boldly pursue their goals with energy and passion, and help squash misconceptions about agriculture in public discourse.

“What I tell people is: happy cows make milk,” she says. “If we don’t care for our animals and provide them with adequate feed and care and a place to lay down, a temperature-controlled barn…they’re not going to make milk. They’re not going to be happy.”

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