Bad Weather in Brazil: Low rainfall and “heat domes” hinder crop production

Brazilian agriculture faces hurdles with low rainfall and an approaching heat dome which may cast a shadow over crop production.

Inadequate rainfall combined with a looming heat dome is causing concerns for crop production in Brazil. The National Supply Company (CONAB) recently decreased production estimates for key Brazilian crops like corn, soybeans, and wheat after producers in the South American country have faced persistent weather challenges and delayed plantings.

According to reports from DTN, rainfall levels have been only about half of the normal amount in recent weeks, exacerbating the situation. While there has been enough moisture for safrinha corn planting so far the situation remains precarious.

Dr. Michael Cordonnier, an Agronomist with Soybean and Corn Advisor shared insights on the evolving situation:

“That crop was 9% planted as of late last week, and the situation is sort of okay, but it’s getting dry in south-central areas, and a new heat dome is developing over south-central Brazil. This is the third one of the growing season. Temperatures are going to get really hot – over 100 degrees - and that area had been drying out already, so now it’s going to get even drier going forward.”

Dr. Cordonnier emphasized that the states responsible for the majority of the second corn crop are expected to bear the brunt of the heat dome, potentially marking the beginning of the end of the rainy season.