South America

According to USDA experts, Brazil and Argentina’s large drop in corn production has more to do with the economics of corn markets than impacts from weather.
The biggest data discrepancy between the USDA and Brazil’s Conab reports are the numbers for usage and stock estimates.
A recent Cannonball Jellyfish bloom off the coast of Venezuela is a major concern for the seafood industry that fish those waters.
The NOAA says there is an 83% chance the El Niño weather pattern will transition into neutral conditions between April and June 2024.
Avian flu shocking jump to dairy, the possible impacts on ag trade in the Key Bridge fallout, herd management in drought & more top stories from last week.
There is nothing like breaking your own record.
Brazilian agriculture faces hurdles with low rainfall and an approaching heat dome which may cast a shadow over crop production.
In a bid to increase the competitiveness of American corn on the global stage, the U.S. Grains Council has embarked on a research endeavor in collaboration with the University of Illinois.
Insights on navigating the economics of the international corn market with analysis from economists at the University of Illinois and Ohio State University.
As Brazil eyes an export surge in January, China’s dominance persists as an importer of both corn and soybeans, raising hopes as well as concerns if the South American agriculture giant can meeting escalating demands for key crops.
Weather is having a big effect on soy and corn production in Brazil. Here’s what it means for the U.S. markets, according to experts.
Brazil, the world’s top poultry meat exporter, is expected to increase chicken meat exports in 2024. On the other hand, the country’s soybean projections for the South American agricultural leader are expected to dip slightly in the New Year.
Rebuilding the herd with the best qualities is a priority for cattle producers in the United States, and one company is working to incorporate genetics into that mission.
Dr. Michael Cordonnier with the Soybean and Corn Advisor shares insights into the odd situation for Brazilian soybean producers due to unsettled weather patterns in the region.