Closer look at livestock losses from Kansas wildfires

Cargill is donating to a fund to help Kansas producers impacted by last week’s fires. The ag giant donated $100,000 dollars to the Kansas Livestock Association which is leading relief efforts.

Cargill says that it was saddened to learn of the impact on farm and ranch operations, and the money will be used to purchase fencing supplies, feed, or other needs.

Last week’s storms brought wind gusts up to a hundred miles an hour, which caused power lines to fall and spark fires. 400,000 acres burned and a thousand head of cattle were lost. The livestock losses include more than cattle. In the aftermath, horse farms are finding out they do not qualify for many of the assistance programs.

Farmer and sales agronomist, Matt McCune has been traveling through the burned terrain speaking to those who have lost their livelihoods. One couple who raises Clydesdale, shared their heartbreaking account of that fateful day.


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