Could Do More: Ag groups support Indo-Pacific Trade initiative, but want more market access

More ag groups are reacting to the Biden Administration’s framework for the Indo-Pacific Trade initiative with 12 countries.

A lot of support for the initiative is coming from producers who want to see the U.S. become more of a global trade leader. Many farmers are saying a partnership like this is necessary, especially with the volatility in the Chinese market. Here is Brian Kuehl with Farmers for Free Trade:

“The goal, I think, of the Biden administration is to encourage this bloc of nations to work together on common interests where they can, but they recognize for some countries, some issues are going to be harder than other issues. And so, they’re trying to find common ground where they can across this bloc of countries that, again, serves as a counterweight a significant counterweight to China. So, trade is one of those pillars, and we certainly hope that we’re going to see a number of the countries sign up and work together on trade. Trade agreements with that follow, so this is not a trade agreement itself.”

Kuehl emphasizes that while farmers believe this is a step in the right direction, they want to see more U.S. market access in that part of the world.


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