Diary-based sports drink hits shelves and showing GOOD performance

A first-of-its-kind sports drink has hit Walmart shelves across the Midwest. GoodSport Nutrition Founder & CEO Michelle McBride came up with the dairy-based sports drink concept after being frustrated with other beverage options and says this idea stemmed from watching her son play sports.

McBride says, “GoodSport has three times the electrolytes and 33% less sugar than traditional sports drinks, and it’s backed by scientific studies demonstrating that it works better than traditional sports drinks and water significantly better because of the electrolytes for milk, we’ve been able to submit good sport for testing. And peer reviewed published studies show that good sport hydrates significantly better than the leading sports drink and water, and provides rapid and long lasting hydration and improves exercise performance.”

GoodSport is now being used by professional athletes and elite competitors who are taking it by storm and is now launching in over 1,000 Walmart locations.