DOE: U.S. ethanol industry employs the most veterans

The U.S. ethanol industry leads the energy sector in employing military veterans.

That is according to a study released by the Department of Energy. It shows one in six employees previously served in the armed forces, making up 16 percent of the corn ethanol workforce. This is higher than the six-percent national average.

Across all energy sectors, veterans account for nine percent of the workforce. This report by the DOE also showed a higher than average concentration of union workers in the ethanol industry.

Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Geoff Cooper, who is an Army veteran himself, applauded the report, saying, “The ethanol industry’s values and priorities align extremely well with those of our women and men in uniform. Military veterans know they can continue to protect their fellow Americans and serve their country by producing a homegrown, cleaner, greener, and more affordable renewable fuel.”


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