E-15 sales reached record levels in 2021

The EPA confirms summer sales of E-15 are under consideration. Administrator Michael Regan told a Senate committee that they are looking at every possible way to bring down gas prices.

The summer ban impacts 80 percent of retail locations that sell the high ethanol blend.

Regan’s comments come as a new report showing that E-15 sales hit record levels last year.

The Renewable Fuels Association reports a 62 percent increase from 2020, for more than 800 million gallons. It is nearly double pre-pandemic levels.

RFA warns that this success is at risk unless Washington moves quickly to allow E-15 summertime sales. President and CEO Geoff Cooper says, “Time is running short. Now more than ever, E-15 is needed to help keep gas prices in check, bolster energy security, support the rural economy, and lower emissions of greenhouse gases and toxic pollutants.”


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