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Erica Sawatzke – FarmHER Season 6, Episode 3

Premieres Tue, 4/2/24 – 9 PM ET | 8 PM CT | 7 PM MT | 6 PM PT

Meet Erica Sawatzke, a passionate sixth-generation turkey, corn, and soy FarmHER dedicated to preserving her family’s agricultural legacy at Oakdale Farms in Kensington, Minnesota.

Oakdale Farms

Erica Sawatzke is a sixth-generation turkey farmer located in west-central Minnesota. Oakdale Farms started as a homestead in 1866 with Erica’s great-great-grandfather at the helm. Amid the challenges of a tornado and her husband’s battle with leukemia, Erica and her family stand strong, carrying on the farm’s legacy. This powerful narrative highlights the determination and commitment of FarmHER to raising turkeys for Thanksgiving tables nationwide.

Overcoming Obstacles & Fears

Despite her longtime fear of birds, FarmHER host Kirbe Schnoor knew we had to share Erica’s inspiring story of passion and resilience with you this season, putting on a brave face to interview Erica among her brood of 15,000 pullets! Although Kirbe didn’t totally get over her fears by the end of the shoot, she gained an even deeper admiration for Erica’s tenacity and knowledge for raising turkeys.

It’s hard not to be inspired by Erica, who has become a beacon of strength for her family over the years as they’ve faced many obstacles together. From devastating storm damage to struggles expanding their family and a tough health battle, Erica shouldered it all with incredible fearlessness and grace.

Read Erica’s FarmHER Story:

Turkey FarmHER Tackles Tough Times with Tenacity

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