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Megan Shanley Warren — FarmHER Season 6, Episode 1

Premieres Tue, 3/19/24 – 9 PM ET | 8 PM CT | 7 PM MT | 6 PM PT

Watch Megan Shanley Warren, of Shanley Farms in Morro Bay, California, carry on her late father’s legacy, cultivating avocados and the tastiest fruit you haven’t yet discovered: finger limes.

Shanley Farms started as a retirement project spearheaded by Megan’s late father, Jim Shanley. But over the years, with Megan’s help, it evolved into an abundant California farm that celebrates unique crops.

The dynamic father-daughter duo became standouts in the industry for growing Citriburst finger limes and Morro Bay Avocados. The recent unexpected loss of Jim has left Megan farming without her dad. Witness her determination to continue his legacy on the first episode of FarmHER Season 6 on RFD-TV.

Shanley Farms

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Morro Bay lies a farm like no other. At Shanley Farms, coastal cool converges with tropical heat to create the perfect conditions for cultivating a unique array of diverse crops. Among these treasures, Shanley’s Morro Bay Avocados are a stand-out staple for the family’s operation, now under the watchful eye of FarmHER and passionate fruit grower, Megan Shanley Warren.

The journey of Shanley Farms traces back to 1998 when Megan’s late father, Jim Shanley, a former commodities trader, embarked on a new chapter in his life, retiring to pursue his passion for farming and establish a lasting legacy tied to the land. Thus, Shanley Farms in Morro Bay, California became the canvas for Jim’s agricultural aspirations, where he planted the seeds of what would soon be celebrated as ‘Gator Eggs’ – avocados renowned for their convenient single-serving size and delectable flavor.

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