Farming to Fight Hunger

Farming to Fight Hunger

June 25, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFD-TV) Bridging the information gap between the public and modern agriculture to help feed a growing world – that’s the mission of Farming to Fight Hunger, a non-profit formed by a collaboration of industry leaders committed to making a difference in building a safe, sustainable food supply.

On today’s edition of “Market Day Report,” we spent time with two men closely affiliated with Farming to Fight Hunger to gain their insider’s perspective on the importance of the organizations mission. Jeff Cannon is President and CEO of Diamond V, an organization of trusted experts in the field of animal health and nutrition. Mark Miller is lead singer of the hit country music group “Sawyer Brown,” and also a film producer who has worked on media projects which seek to promote an accurate vision of the important role of the modern agriculture industry. (Miller’s daughter, Madison Brown, also hosts the RFD-TV series “Chasing Down Madison Brown,” which is also committed to promoting the same vision.)

Watch their conversation in the videos above and visit to learn even more.


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