Growth Energy sues EPA over allowing small refineries to meet RFS obligations alternatively

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Photo via Growth Energy Facebook page

Growth Energy is suing the Environmental Protection Agency because it says the Agency gives small refineries different ways of meeting the Renewable Fuel Standard obligations.

The company says any form of compliance aside from restoring blending requirements is “unlawful for multiple reasons.” They say there are still obligations to be met for 2016-2018, but the EPA is refusing to require it because of retroactive concerns.

The “alternative compliance” could reduce the net amount of renewable fuel that must be used by more than 1.5 billion gallons.

The company’s CEO, Emily Skor commented on the matter.

“Refiners have been trying to dodge compliance with the RFS since it was first enacted. Unfortunately, EPA’s ‘alternative compliance’ doublespeak facilitates refiners’ ability to shirk the responsibilities that EPA itself has explicitly concluded they have. As such, ‘alternative compliance’ is merely another term for unlawful ‘noncompliance.’”

The EPA has not commented on the matter yet.

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