Midwest Pre-Planting Conditions: Hail, Snow, and Rain, Oh My!

Last night, Mother Nature was active in the Midwest, bringing hail, snow, and rain to producers.

The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency shared this update on X, saying this may look like snow, but it is actually hail! The picture was taken in Stanton, Nebraska where producers were in a severe thunderstorm warning up until this morning.

Also in Nebraska, ranchers were hit with a winter storm! Female Farmer Rancher shared these pictures of her braving the chill to keep her horses fed. She says watching them frolic in the freshly fallen snow is pure joy.

Moving east to Illinois, an agronomist in Taylorville recorded four inches of rain! Stephanie Porter says she doesn’t remember the last time she saw this much rain come down at once, and while it was much needed, farmers are ready to plant.

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