The latest agricultural news related to Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, and other states in the Midwestern region of the U.S.

In the heart of southern Oklahoma, the Eddings family cultivates a saga of resilience and love, nurturing their farm through changing seasons and passing generations.
On this Farm Family Friday, we meet Illinois pork producer Pam Janssen, who’s on a mission to sustain her family’s farm legacy which is still going strong through seven generations and nearly 150 years of pig farming.
A Nebraska-made favorite owes its famous flavor largely to soybean oil! The Nebraska Soybean Board shares the story of a locally-made salad dressing named for its inventor, Dorthy Lynch.
Incoming wet weather could lend a helping hand to cattle producers. An expert from the University of Missouri Extension explains how a cold, wet winter in the Midwest could help grazing, and herd building in 2024.
Farmers National Company’s Senior Vice president of Real Estate Operations, Paul Schadegg joined us Thursday on Market Day Report for a closer look at the situation.
These third-generation Indiana farmers took a break from the fields to provide the Indiana Farm Bureau (INFB) with a harvest update! Let’s look at this year’s soybean crop at the Arnold Family’s operation.
The State of Oklahoma and some of the country’s largest producers, including Tyson, Cargill, and seven other companies, cannot seem to resolve a case over the alleged role of these poultry corporations in polluting the Illinois River Watershed.
Trimble Ag and Ohio State University are teaming up to improve agriculture education through new technology labs!
With just over a week until Halloween, a long-time producer worries about the weak consumer demand so far this fall for one of the season’s staples: Pumpkins.
Stockmanship is the skill of handling livestock in a safe, efficient, and low-stress manner—something that takes livestock producers time and knowledge to acquire. Nebraska Extension put it on display at a recent field tour.
Despite fluctuating weather temperatures across the Corn Belt, producers in the region seem to be ahead of pace for this year’s harvest.
Crop yields are coming in well in Iowa, but stalk stability is a different situation. While wind continues to knock down stalks, farmers are rushing to finish up their soybean harvest.
The meaning of a “double-fraction” clause and the impact on future oil and gas conveyances—that is the topic of today’s blog post by RFD-TV Agril-Legal expert Roger McEowen.
You don’t have to live in a major city to enjoy some of the best food in America. Thankfully, editors at many of the top food & dining magazines are starting to catch on to what Rural Americans already know, expanding their search area for their annual lists of best restaurants in the country.
According to economic experts, farmers typically take a conservative approach to debt, which positions them well to weather the financial challenges posed by the Federal Reserve’s approach to interest rate hikes.
Low water levels on the Mississippi River are mimicking last year and now the USDA has released data showing conditions are actually worse right now than this time in 2022.
Recent dry and hot conditions sped up soybean crop maturity, causing a lot of variability in the crop. Now, a threat of frost in some areas of the U.S. threatens more damage to soybeans.
In celebration of National Pork Month, we meet the Lundell family and see how they preserve tradition, nurturing innovation as an ode to pork production.
The ongoing drought in the Midwest is changing how producers approach their cover crop plans.