Hayden Baker’s debut album Barely Getting By is out now!


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Nashville, TN (April 12, 2024) - Hayden Baker releases his debut album “Barely Gettin’ By” today to all streaming platforms. The fourteen song collection offers a soulful journey through the heart of country music, blending poignant storytelling with masterful instrumental performances.

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At the core of “Barely Gettin’ By” is the title track, a modern-day rendition of the classic ‘Workin’ Man Blues.’ Co-written by Hayden Baker and Sam Banks, the song encapsulates the struggles and triumphs of everyday life, resonating with listeners who navigate the challenges of making ends meet. With its electrifying guitar solos and heartfelt lyrics, “Barely Gettin’ By” stands out as a testament to Baker’s prowess as both a guitarist and a storyteller.

“Don’t Meet Your Heroes,” is one of the realist tracks on this project and it doesn’t even feature lyrics. The instrumental song features country music superstar Brad Paisley.

“The reason I do what I do is because I saw Brad Paisley play at the Houston Rodeo in 2015. I was enamored with his guitar playing, so I went home and learned everything he did,” explains Baker. “A few years later we became friends and now, somehow, we’re on a guitar instrumental together. We have this running joke (at least I hope it’s a joke) that he should sue me for stealing his guitar licks. So, at the end of this instrumental I played the lick from his 1999 instrumental, ‘Nervous Breakdown.’ The dialogue after that speaks for itself. It’s unbelievable that my hero is my friend. And he’s a damn good one to boot.”

Another standout track is “Ain’t Gonna Lay This Guitar Down,” co-written by Hayden Baker, Ronnie Dunn, and Ira Dean. Inspired by a meeting with country music Hall of Famer Ronnie Dunn, the song pays homage to the enduring bond between a musician and their instrument. With Dunn’s guidance and Baker’s undeniable talent, the track captures the essence of dedication and passion that defines the country music tradition.

“There are really good guitar slingers in Texas, then there are bad to the bone guitar slingers,” says Ronnie Dunn. “My crystal ball tells me that Hayden is on track to kick up some legit dust as both a guitar slinger and songwriter.”

“Let Love Do Its Thing,” a solo composition by Hayden Baker, showcases his musical maturity and lyrical depth. Written during a moment of inspiration on a flight back to Texas, the song embodies the transformative power of love, resonating with audiences on a deeply personal level.

The album also features collaborations with esteemed songwriters and musicians, including Barrett Baber, Kyle Sturrock, Brad Paisley, and more. From the infectious energy of “Leave The Rest Up To You” to the heartfelt sincerity of “Don’t Meet Your Heroes,” each track on “Barely Gettin’ By” offers a unique glimpse into Hayden Baker’s musical journey.

“I poured my heart and soul into this album,” says Baker. “Each song is a reflection of my experiences, my influences, and my passion for country music. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share these songs with the world.”

Track Listing:

1. Barely Gettin’ By (Hayden Baker, Sam Banks)

2. Ain’t Gonna Lay This Guitar Down (Hayden Baker, Ronnie Dunn, Ira Dean)

3. Let Love Do Its Thing (Hayden Baker)

4. Leave The Rest Up To You (Hayden Baker, Barrett Baber, Kyle Sturrock)

5. Tendency For Tennessee (Hayden Baker, Scott Sean White, Patrick Savage)

6. Something I Can’t Do (Hayden Baker, Sam Banks, Cody Atkins)

7. Reason To Run (Hayden Baker, Trent Willmon)

8. Don’t Meet Your Heroes (feat. Brad Paisley) (Hayden Baker)

9. I Think I’d Rather Not Know (Prelude) (Hayden Baker)

10. I Think I’d Rather Not Know (Hayden Baker, Thomas Perkins, Timothy Baker)

11. Even The Ghosts Left Town (Hayden Baker, Scott Sean White, Patrick Savage)

12. South of Santa Fe (feat. The Hill Boys) (Kix Brooks, Larry Boone, Paul Nelson)

13. Is It Cold In Oklahoma (Hayden Baker, Jacob Doucet)

14. Walk With Me Jesus (Live & Acoustic) (Hayden Baker)

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