Here are five things you missed last week


Dutch farmers are aggressively protesting against the government’s green deal


Dutch farmers have been blocking borders, towns, police stations, and even entrances to grocery stores amid the government’s plan to reduce pollution, which could put farmers out of business. Reports on social media say store shelves are starting to get bare.

Videos on social media show tractors rolling up to airport doors, blocking entrances. Reporters on the ground say the fishing industry is also supporting the movement and using their vessels to block ports.

Farmers all over Europe are rising up in support. This video shows producers in Germany joining the movement, and here is the situation in Italy.

Derecho ripped through South Dakota


A severe weather system, known as a derecho, ripped through South Dakota last week as well as parts of Iowa and Minnesota, bringing winds that damaged crops.

StoneX Chief Economist Arlan Suderman joined us on the Market Day Report to talk about its impact to agriculture, the green sky it brought, and the impact this will have on producers in a season where there really is no room for things to go wrong.

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Ukrainian farmers work to safely demine their fields


Farmers in Ukraine have literally been walking through minefields in order to get back to work as safely as possible.

Latifundist Media has been providing our boots-on-the-ground coverage and says Russians left a lot of so-called “gifts” in some Ukrainian regions, such as mines, scorched earth, and exploded shells.

According to the Association of Sappers of Ukraine, the area of hostilities covers 34 million acres, and probably about 12 million acres of agricultural land have been mined so far. Because of this, more than 2 million acres of fertile land were not planted this season. The fields with winter crops, which have been sown since Autumn, cannot be harvested due to the dangers posed by landmines.

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The majority of the U.S. is covered in some level of drought


AP Photo/Susan Montoya Bryan

The latest drought monitor shows short-term drought continued to expand across the Southeast last week.

Abnormal to moderate drought has stretched across Ohio, Tennessee, and middle Mississippi Valleys. The Great Plains saw some relief after some local thunderstorms. The Gulf of Mexico also received some precipitation, improving conditions slightly in Louisiana and southeast Texas.

All Ag All Day’s Tony St. James and Farm and Trade Inc’s Jeremy Zwinger joined us on the Market Day Report to discuss how conditions in California are not getting better, how the water crisis in the West has taken a toll on producers, and how cattle producers have had to adjust this year with extreme temperatures.

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Giant snails spur a Florida county to be on lockdown


A town in Florida is now under quarantine, not from COVID, but for snails!

The giant African land snail has been confirmed in Pasco County on the west-central coast. The rat-sized species carries the parasite that causes meningitis in humans. It is also devastating to agriculture, easting at least 500 different types of plants.

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