How do wheat groups plan to build export markets for U.S. growers as Russia’s supply is challenging?

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, Russia has still been exporting large amounts of wheat. That has been challenging for the U.S. Wheat Associates, but their Chairman says they are committed to building export markets for U.S. growers.

“Russia has still been shipping out, you know, a lot of wheat over this past year, and they’ve shipped it out at a lot cheaper price than what we’re able to grow and produce it here in the United States. So that has created some issues for us with our overseas customers and even here in the United States. There have been a few more bushels imported than what we’re used to seeing, but you know, that to me means an organization like the U.S. Wheat is even more important, to still be there on the ground for overseas costumers and assuring them of our quality, you know, and educating them about how they can still use our wheat,” said Michael Peters.

Peters says competing markets are already at the bargaining table, and U.S. Wheat needs to be there as well. He says educating other countries about U.S. Wheat will help build valuable relationships.