How Tennessee Tech University is advancing the poultry industry

Tennessee Tech University unveiled a new center to help advance the poultry industry in the Volunteer state.

The college is now home to a new Aviagen Poultry Science Laboratory. The new $2 million facility will provide students and faculty access to research barns, a processing area and a classroom!

An assistant professor in the School of Agriculture says this new facility will help take their program to the next level.

“I will be teaching poultry nutrition classes as well as poultry management, a feed milling class as well and so this facility will allow students to get hands-on opportunities with all of those different areas of poultry science,” says Victoria Ayres. “With the hands-on opportunities the students can get, they’re more marketable when they go to look for a job later on in the future. They’ll have a better understanding of what exactly goes on in the industry and animal handling obviously. They’ll be able to take some of their research opportunities with them as well.”

The facility was helped made possible by many in the industry, including the poultry breeding company, Aviagen.