It has been a good crop for some fall fruits and nuts

Tis the season for fall fruits and nuts, but availability and prices vary by commodity.

The USDA says that the pear, table grape, and cranberry harvests are higher this year. Tree nuts are also expected to see a strong output.

Almonds are expected to have a record high of 3 billion pounds and walnut production is forecasted at 1.56 billion pounds which is up 19 percent from last year. Additionally, hazelnuts also had a good crop forecasted for 2020, according to USDA research economist Jaclyn Kramer.

By contrast, U.S. apple production is forecast lower. That could make fresh and processed apples pricier, but there is one factor that could help us find exactly what we need for the holiday menu.

Exports are down this year. That is bad news for the farm price, but could make domestic crops cheaper and readily available.

COVID disrupts U.S. apple exports

U.S. orange production could be down this season.